Anti-noise screens

Anti-noise screens

Anti-noise screens are the solution to noise pollution. They achieve noise level reduction in urban areas.

Adhorna manufactures these screens using porous concrete, which are capable of absorbing sound and considerably reducing sound energy, which is dissipated by friction in concrete pores. Our screens are characterised by their homogeneity, aesthetic finishing, and minimal maintenance required.

They can be fabricated to adapt to customer needs and project features. Our screens can attain different absorption and insulation categories set by the UNE 1793-1 standard.

Our acoustic Screens are adapted to absorption requirements for the most demanding transport methods, such as high speed trains, as has been analysed in our Engineering department.

Depending on absorption needs, the most appropriate category to adjust to the parameters indicated for noise regulations can be defined.

Adhorna offers the market two types of acoustic panels based on their sound-absorption capacity, the A2 (PANEL2), with a flat surface, and the A4 (PANEL4), with a curved surface. The company can also manufacture panels with acoustic absorption on both sides (e.g. the typical sound barriers of motorway medians).

Attached are the absorption curves and reports from tests of the two panels: PANEL2 and PANEL4.