Transformer centre buildings

They are transformer centre buildings manufactured according to UNESA 1303A recommendations and are accepted by all electrical companies nationwide.

We use two manufacturing systems: panelled system, which requires on-site building assembly and the monobloc system has the advantage of being equipped at the factory and the building is brought to the work totally finished.

Edificios para centros de transformación
Edificios para centros de transformación

Doors and railings are metal. They should subsequently be painted and have stainless treatment. Door dimensions for 24 KV buildings are 0.90 x 2.10 m and the pedestrian door is 1.25 x 2.10 m for the transformer. Grids are distributed based on transformer power and electrical company regulations. Four crossways ventilation gratings are placed for transformers that generate more than 630 kVA of power.

Both construction models are prepared in order to house electrical equipment in their interior: transformers, medium voltage switchgear, low voltage switchboards, control equipment, and any required interconnections between elements.

Panelled T.C. buildings

It handles a part-by-part manufacturing system that has the great advantage of being able to mould itself to customer-desired configurations: company centre, company-paid centre, handling centre, concentration of meters, etc. The building can also be extended lengthwise in 2.45 m modules as needed at the work.

Another great advantage of this construction system is assembly, as it can reach difficult to reach locations where monobloc buildings cannot.

Panelled T.C. buildings
Panelled T.C. buildings

The exterior finish is exposed aggregate (river edge), and can be performed on smooth concrete painted on any RAL colour chart.

Prefabricated panelled buildings
(up to 24 kV.)
External dimensions Length (mm) 2,45 4,9 7,35 9,8
Width (mm) 2,66 2,66 2,66 2,66
Height (mm) 3,25 3,25 3,25 3,25
Interior dimensions Length (mm) 2,29 4,74 7,19 9,64
Width (mm) 2,5 2,5 2,5 2,5
Height (mm) 2,34 2,34 2,34 2,34
Area (m2) 5,72 11,85 17,85 24,10
Useful length for cells 900 3,39 4,49 6,94
Number of transformers 0/1 0/1 0/1/2 0/1/2
Weight (T) 9 16 23 30
Plans Transformers 0 PNCT1-P/ST PNCT2-P/ST PNCT3-P/ST PNCT4-P/ST
2 - - PNCT3-P/2T PNCT4-P/2T
Excavation plans PNCT1-P/PE PNCT2-P/PE PNCT3-P/PE PNCT4-P/PE

Monobloc T.C. buildings

They correspond to a monobloc fabrication system according to four different configurations:

  • PNCT2-M: for a transformer
  • PNCT2-MT: for a transformer and remote control system
  • PNCT3-M: for one and two transformers
  • PNCT4-M: for one and two transformers, special equipment (inverters)
Monobloc T.C. buildings
Monobloc T.C. buildings

This construction system allows buildings in the factory to be assembled and they can be brought to the site totally finished.

The exterior finish is painted smooth white concrete or any colour in the RAL colour chart.

Monobloc prefabricated buildings
(up to 24 kV).
External dimensions Length (mm) 3,36 4,9 6,16 8,7
Width (mm) 2,36 2,36 2,36 2,36
Height (mm) 3,23 3,23 3,23 3,38
Interior dimensions Length (mm) 3,2 4,74 6 8,54
Width (mm) 2,2 2,2 2,2 2,2
Height (mm) 2,5 2,5 2,5 2,5
Area (m2) 7,04 10,43 13,20 18,80
Useful length for cells 1,85 3,39 3,3 5,84
Number of transformers 0/1 0/1 0/1/2 0/1/2
Weight (T) 12 16 19 32
Plans Transformers 0 PNCT2-M/ST PNCT2-MT/ST PNCT3-M/ST PNCT4-M/ST
2 - - PNCT3-M/2T PNCT4-M/2T
Excavation plans PNCT2-M/PE PNCT2-MT/PE PNCT3-M/PE PNCT4-M/PE

Compact Outdoor Transformer Centre

They are buildings designed to hold up to 250 kVA transformers in power lines up to 36 kV.

Cable input and outputs are underground and made through the building's holes in the raised floor.

All metalwork is galvanized and painted.

This type of building's advantages are:

  • They prevent the transformer from being outdoors, thereby increasing durability
  • Less environmental impact
  • Small size
  • Possibility of changing location with equipment inside
  • High degree of protection. Protection against step and touch voltages
Compact Outdoor Transformer Centre