Designs and structures

Structures and designs made with Fibreglass Reinforced Polyester (G.F.R.P.) have managed to replace traditional structures in aggressive marine (coastal areas) and chemical (refineries and chemical plants) environments.

Using G.F.R.P. structures is the ideal solution for many reasons:

  • Durability and lack of maintenance. This material will not oxidise and its tremendous resistance to numerous chemical agents makes for minimal maintenance.
  • Electrical insulation. This is a non-conductive material and is ideal for use in electrical facilities.
  • Mechanical strength. Equal or even exceeds steel's physical properties at times.
  • Machining. This material is easy to work with and machine.
  • Electromagnetic permeability. It is totally transparent to electromagnetic waves and useful in telecommunications facilities.
  • Lightness. This is an essential item when facilities have weight limitations. It is four times lighter than steel.
  • Fire resistance. The possibility of adding flame retardant products ensures optimal fire resistance.

Based on indications given by our customer and depending on the project's needs, Adhorna will be able to offer "turnkey" solutions and perform engineering design, manufacturing and assembly.

Designs and structures
Designs and structures
Designs and structures