Concrete poles

Concrete poles

Concrete poles for power lines and telecommunications

Concrete poles for power lines and telecommunications are manufactured according to UNE-EN 12843 and UNE 207016 and Adhorna has the certifying EC marking. Moreover, it is approved in all electric and telecommunications companies operating in our country.

Concrete poles for electrical lines are classified as:

  • Reinforced vibrated concrete poles (HV)
  • Reinforced vibrated hollow concrete poles (HVH

Reinforced vibrated concrete poles (HV)

HV reinforced vibrated concrete poles have a truncated pyramid exterior geometry with an I type section. The two first metres from the crux are the rectangular section with there being reinforcement every 50 cm along the pole, which makes sections also be rectangular at these points.

Adhorna manufactures all its poles with a 2.25 UNE 207016 compliant flexural strength.

The HV poles are set by their total length and for their useful load; for example:

HV 250 R 11 "Vibrated Concrete post, 250 kg useful load, Reinforced, 11 m total length."

For quick identification of posts on the top part, they will be painted with an identifying colour based on their useful load: 160 kg, orange, 250 kg, black, 400 kg, blue, 630 kg, red, 800 kg, yellow, 1,000 kg, 1,600 kg green and white.