Electrical Substation Buildings


Electrical Substation Buildings

Electrical substation buildings

They are manufactured according to project needs and taking into account electrical company regulations. Adhorna carries out the entire process: performs building engineering, fabrication, subsequent assembly and all operations required by the project to fully complete the building, including waterproofing, roofs, metal structure equipment support, doors, railings, etc.

Depending on the substation's geometry and the electrical company's regulations, we prefabricate buildings with two construction systems:

Prefabricated footing and load bearing panel


Concrete, pillar, and beam structure


Various european regulations are applicable to these prefabricated buildings:

  • UNE-EN 13225 corresponding to linear structural elements (beams and girders)
  • UNE-EN 14992 corresponding to cladding panels (wall elements)
  • UNE-EN 13224 corresponding to ribbed roofs

Adhorna complies with these regulations and has proper EC markings for its various factories.