G.F.R.P. Lighting Columns


G.F.R.P. Lighting Columns

G.F.R.P. Lighting Columns

They are cylindrical-conical lighting fabricated in Fibreglass Reinforced Polyester (G.F.R.P.) through a centrifuge process.

They are manufactured in 3-14 m heights and have an 18 mm/m taper.

They can be placed in the ground using an abutment system or anchored to the foundation with G.F.R.P. plates.

These lampposts are made entirely in G.F.R.P. and have significant benefits: electrical safety, durability, low maintenance costs, and they are lightweight to manoeuvre and have nice aesthetic value.

These columns, in addition to public lighting, can have other applications, such as, for example, BT line poles, sign posts, flagpoles, sign equipment, telecommunications antennas, etc.

We have a series of columns called "Serie TAJO" fabricated using a different system. They are made using a pultrusion process and serve mainly as ornamental columns. They are manufactured in 3, 4 and 5 m heights.

G.F.R.P. Lighting columns