Prefabricated manholes

Prefabricated manholes

They are manufactured in reinforced concrete and geared at insulated cable registering in medium and low voltage power networks for both Iberdrola and Unión Fenosa.

These manholes are used for pavements, pedestrian areas, gardens and similar surfaces.

They are manufactured without a base and all have reductions in thickness in the side walls in order to be able to break them based on the type of channelling.

They do not include the cover or the cast iron framework.

Iberdrola type manholes

Modular Type (codes 5020401-402-403-404)

They are fabricated by two part C and part ET main modules. They have two intermediary rings for the manhole (E1 and E2) to be able to screed at the height required by the work.

The ET part weighs 340 kg, part C, 230 kg and the intermediate rings E1 and E2, 80 and 160 kg respectively.

AP Type (SKU 5020400)

This AP type model is made of just one part, with 520 x 660 x 800 (height) mm outer dimensions and 220 kg weight.

Union Fenosa Manholes

Access point for a cover (code 747544)

It is made of just one part, with 727 x 589 x 740 (height) mm outer dimensions and 420 kg weight.

Access point for two covers (code 747546)

It is made of just one part, with 1,084 x 727 x 940 (height) mm outer dimensions and 720 kg weight.

Access point for three covers (code 747547-48)

They are fabricated in two modules called parts C and ET. They can be screed by using an intermediary ring called part E. Their weights are 530 and 905 kg for C and ET pieces and 275 kg for the intermediary ring.