Prefabricated sheds

Prefabricated sheds

They are prefabricated buildings made through using two manufacturing systems:

For panels, on-site assembly is required.
Monoblocs allow equipment to be put together at the factory.
They are used for multiple uses and permit housing electronic, telephone, radio, environmental and pollution control equipment as well as pumps, generators, and other types of installation.

Panelled sheds

Panelled sheds are manufactured by parts that allow them to be adjusted based on project needs. We can make interior pigeon-holes, various roof slopes, dimensions, doors, windows, gratings, cable pass through holes, etc.


The monobloc manufacturing system has weight limitations and dimensions that are motivated by transport requirements. We have standardised the following models: 2.50 x 2.20 m, 3.70 x 2.20 m, 5.00 x 2, 20 m, 1.80 m and 1.00 x 1.80 x 1.00 m.

The great advantage of this monobloc system is being able to complete and assemble equipment at the factory and take them to the site fully finished.

Both systems, monobloc and panelled, are manufactured with thermal insulation in order to attain a stable range of temperatures that permit teams to work better.

In addition, electro-welded truss girders are made by forming a Faraday cage.

Taking into account that the slab is supplied pre-fabricated, soil preparation is simply a level sand bed or concrete slab.
Various European regulations are applicable to these prefabricated sheds:

  • UNE-EN 14992 corresponding to cladding panels
  • UNE-EN 13224 corresponding to roof elements
Adhorna complies with these regulations and has proper EC markings for its various factories.