Prefabricated slabs

Prefabricated slabs

Prefabricated concrete slabs are used as permanent formwork plates, which subsequently support the concrete poured on site, in such a way that the use of formwork, shoring, and other temporary falsework, with which execution of works by conventional methods is facilitated enormously.

Range of operations is extremely varied. From prefabricated slabs for viaducts, overhangs, composite decks, to lost formwork for suspended floors.

All are specifically designed according to unique needs, facilitating Adhorna's experience to the service of the customer, thereby optimising the construction process.

Ribbed Prefabricated Slabs

Mainly used for underpasses, composite decks.

Prefabricated slabs with Celosia

Mainly used for floors in buildings, or decks with mid-size openings.

Adhorna complies with EN 15050 European Regulations relating to the manufacture of prefabricated slabs and has the EC marking.