Postes de P.R.F.V. para líneas de baja y media tensión

G.F.R.P. poles for low and medium voltage lines

They are Fibreglass Reinforced Polyester (G.F.R.P.) poles manufactured using a Centrifuge system. They are manufactured according to UNE-EN 40-7 European and ASTM D4923 American regulations.

These poles most important advantages are:

  • Durability: the material cannot corrode and withstands the harshest weather conditions.
  • Electrical Safety: it is an insulating material and does not need earthing.
  • Lightness; these are posts that can be handled by two people without the need of a crane.

Unlike public lighting poles, these poles are customised to each Electrical Company's Technical Specifications.

European and American regulations indicate general aspects for manufacturing: Barcol hardness, fibreglass rating, resistance testing, mechanical testing, UV radiation, etc.

Electrical Company Technical Specifications indicate to us how we must fabricate columns to comply with their requirements. There are four most important aspects to determine: working height, useful load (work load), safety factor and maximum deflection.