Over fifty years in the market
Engineering and manufacturing of pre-fabricated products
Improved levels of occupational risk prevention
Ability to study and develop different manufactured products
Concrete Products

Study and design of manufactured products

Adhorna has a large engineering department which has the ability to study and develop a variety of prefabricated products, according to customer needs
G.F.R.P Products

Fibreglass Reinforced Polyester

Structures and designs made with Fibreglass Reinforced Polyester (G.F.R.P.) have managed to replace traditional structures in aggressive marine (coastal areas) and chemical (refineries and chemical plants) environments.


The people's sense of belonging, talent, initiative and energy make the company continue ts growth in a sustainable and profitable manner, affording its customers comprehensive, innovative and competitive solutions with high added value.

Elecnor Group

Its international growth has given Elecnor a stable presence in more than 50 countries, through both investee companies and subsidiaries located abroad in addition to projects carried out in Spain.