About Adhorna

About Adhorna

Prefabrication Adhorna was incorporated on 15 September 1964 with the name Pole Nervión, SA.

The name changed occurred in 2008 after Placarmada's integration in the Postes Nervión structure. In the beginning, the company was dedicated to concrete manufacture and sales but, through the passage of years and a goal to cover market needs, it has gone on to develop a wide range of pre-fabricated products.

In the late 1980s, Adhorna took an important step in starting to develop and manufacture Fibre Reinforced Polymer (G.F.R.P.) poles and accessories for public lighting. It currently develops engineering and supply of G.F.R.P products, such as structures, railings, gratings, stairs, and profiling.

With almost fifty years in the market, Adhorna has adapted to its circumstances, carrying out the tremendous task of product diversification, and is currently able to carry out engineering and manufacturing of any pre-fabricated product requiring it.

In 2015 it was taken over by Elecnor maintaining the same brand and management autonomy.

Sectors that are targeted to the following

Electrical sector

Concrete poles, manholes, T.C. buildings, cabinets and substations.

Communications sector

Prefabricated sheds, underground manholes, and poles for antennas.

Civil works sector

Arches, retaining walls, prefabricated framework, underpasses, prefabricated slabs, water tanks and any other product that can be prefabricated.

Building Sector

Industrial premises and unique buildings