Retaining walls

Retaining walls

In civil works in general, there is a trend in the market to simply and make the earth retaining wall execution process easier. The use of prefabricated earth retaining walls offer a very intriguing solution with a variety of distinctions based on each work's execution needs.

Adhorna's engineering department seeks to provide the best construction solutions for every situation. We work together with our customers to suit their needs as much as possible.

Adhorna has developed a variety of types of earth retaining walls:


This is an element formed by a panel with buttresses of varying heights and widths in which on-site foundation is carried out. It is designed to reach heights of up to 14 m and intended for use in a variety of fields (roadways, railways, etc.).

Murol ST_INF

This is an L-shaped wall that can be installed immediately and does not require on-site foundation. It also can be used as an element to contain bulk soil in silos, ports, etc.

Stirrup Wall

It is a retaining wall with Murop-type buttresses, with the additional condition of being stirrups for isostatic support boards.

Wall Panel

They adapt well as a solution to long and low retaining sections. These are panels without buttresses and with re-bars in the back, prepared to link up with the rest of the foundation's girders.

Reinforced soil walls (flake wall)

The purpose of the Adhorna reinforced ground panels is to make up the exposed parameters of reinforced soil solids. Their function is to avoid earthfill erosion and give an adequate, uniform, and long-lasting look to the structure. If required, it can adopt different textures, finishing, or solutions that are specific to each work.

In general, standard panels are rectangular shaped, 2.3 m wide and 1.5 m high. However, in special situations, run-off parts or finishing parts can be adapted to other geometry.

Regarding reinforcing elements, metal or synthetic elements could adapt to the different available earthfills


In responding to market demands and with the goal of satisfying aesthetic needs in each situation, various finishes are made: textured finishes, painting, stone finishes, and exposed aggregate.

Adhorna complies with EN 15258 European Regulations relating to earth retaining walls and has the EC marking.