Environmental Management

Principles of conduct in Environmental Management

Aware of the environmental impact that its activities may have, Adhorna has defined and applied the most effective corrective mechanisms to minimise their extent.

Generally speaking, its strategy with regard to Environmental Management is governed by the following principles of conduct:

  • The on-going search for a balance between financial profitability and environmental protection, providing approaches so that one supports the other.
  • Consider the environmental component when making decisions regarding investments in new projects and activities being studied by Adhorna.
  • Involve employees through appropriate training and awareness actions.
  • Similarly involve our remaining interest groups (shareholders, customers, suppliers and society in general) in the overall search for useful solutions to the challenge of preserving the environment as well as energy resources.

As a result of this endeavour, Adhorna, as an Elecnor Group brand, has gained UNE-EN ISO 14001 certification for its Environmental Management System.