Quality Management

Principles of conduct in Quality Management

Quality has formed part of Adhorna's culture ever since its incorporation, with a clear focus on customer service.

Generally speaking, its strategy with regard to Quality Management is governed by the following principles of conduct:

  • As a starting point, take the best satisfaction of present and future customer needs, for which special care and effort in understanding and precision of these needs is provided in such a way that customers will be completely satisfied, technically and financially, and the company always maintaining an attitude of collaboration with the customer and offers our best technical and financial improvement that can leader to greater customer satisfaction.
  • Maintain a Quality System in place that is based on staff participation, understanding, and oversight of processes and for continuous improvement, preventing conventionality, lack of rigour, and other attitudes that represent an obstacle to this principle.
  • To ensure that the Quality System is understood, implemented, and kept updated at all levels of the company. To this end, every Department Head shall be very familiar and assume the responsibility of meeting it, transmitting this responsibility to all staff under their charge and ensuring they comply.
  • Involve each member of the staff in the Quality challenge, such that all of us assume a sincere personal commitment to customer service.

Adhorna has established adequate information and communication channels so that this policy may be well-known and understood by all of the organisation's staff and by those that work on its behalf, such that they are aware of their obligations and the commitments involved.

As a result of this endeavour, Adhorna, as an Elecnor Group brand, has gained UNE-EN ISO 9001 certification for its Quality Management System.

Within the scope of the European Regulation EU 305/2011 concerning construction products, Adhorna has the corresponding CE markings for products with European Standards.